Wessel (2018)

DECISION: Minor Errors

Reviewer: Russ Poldrack, Stanford University
Author response: Jan Wessel, University of Iowa
Recommender: Ian Hussey, University of Bern

Decision & Recommendation

Wessel (2018) “Prepotent motor activity and inhibitory control demands in different variants of the go/no-go paradigm” was determined to contain Minor Errors. That is, errors that have the benefit of being detectable thanks to the presence and sharing of research materials, but whose scope and implications on the conclusions of the article are minor. The detected errors do not rise to the level of recommending that a correction be issued. I thank Prof Wessel for nonetheless indicating his interest in pursuing such a correction. Authors can of course pursue a correction unilaterally if they choose to do so.

Following ERROR’s emergent guidelines, the recommendations associated with a decision of ‘Minor Errors’ are as follows:

  • The report, author response, and recommendation are posted as a preprint on PsyArXiv. Their associated materials are posted to OSF.
  • The author is asked to recognise these errors in future discussions of the article.

Cite as: ERROR. (2024). Error review of Wessel (2018). Version 1.